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Clare Handford is making a feature length documentary for the BBC about the hippy trail. It will be told entirely using archive from the time and master interviews with those who did it as well as local people in key locations along the route. If you would like to contact Clare to share your experiences, her email address is clarehandford (AT) gmail (DOT) com

(In case you don’t know, I’ve listed the email address in this format to avoid spam. Replace the¬†(AT) and (DOT) with the correct symbols when emailing.)

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  1. Gary E. Michaels says:

    Are you still doing research on “Hippy Trail”?

  2. Allan Partington says:

    Hi I first flew out to India in November in 1974, I went to Goa were I met up with a guy from Birmingham uk who had a 47 seater coach, we became good friends, We left Goa in March 1975 with 30 passengers to go to Kathmandu Nepal, that was the first trip of many adventures, I then spent the next 8 years driving and traveling overland on the coach, taking Hippies all over India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

  3. Alan Martin says:

    Hi Clare
    I travelled unaccompanied overland in 1972, aged 23, from UK to Australia via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,India, Nepal, Thailand, Malasia and Singapore, where I boarded a ship for Freemantle. I have a few old photos and scores of stories, some of which I’ve written up, but no film.
    I also drove overland to India twice in the 90s with my sons. I live in West Wales and would be happy to help in any way I can.
    Best wishes,
    Alan Martin

    the same

  4. j-j hodge says:

    Hi. I travelled the Hippie Trail between 1966 to 1971. For me, though, I consider the experience began 2 or 3 years before I took to the road. I travelled out there twice hitch hiking and it was quite an adventure. It was a very different world from today and the entire way of life that made it such an experience for me has now vanished, it seems to me. It was a fleeting moment in history and I feel so lucky I was there, living it to the full.
    I have written a book about that story and I am revising it with the help of a good friend who has a passion for literature. When the work is finished, I would love to get it published not least because I love writing and have other work I would like to publish if only I could get started.
    If you have any suggestions about how I could get my book on the hippie trail published, I would love to learn about it.

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