New book forthcoming

Good news! Manchester University Press have offered Sharif and I a contract to publish our hippy trail book in HC with a follow-up PB version. It’s likely the HC will be published late this year or early next year. The title is still to be confirmed but the working title, for now, is Journeys to Nirvana: a history of the Hippy Trail, 1957-78.

As you can imagine, we’re both very happy. Many thanks to all who helped us on the journey, including but not limited to those who consented to be interviewed, who completed a questionnaire, who contributed to the conference, sent us photos, and contributed to this blog. We will acknowledge as many of you as possible in the book itself.

Brian & Sharif

8 May 2016

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2 Responses to New book forthcoming

  1. Paul Fraser says:

    Hi guys , just a thought , your working title of Journeys to Nirvana is definitely similar to David Tomorys A Season in Heaven . . .. .not all the stories are of sunlit happiness . . . .when i first learned of the overland route i was in the Gulhane hotel in Istanbul , 1968 , i had £5 , i wanted to go east , an older guy on his way back said , “you need more bread man , there’s cats dying out there . .” . . .my input for the title would be The Road of Many Colours . . . . which would include black . . .lol . . anyway just a thought , and probably too late now anyway . . .i’ll be reading the book whatever it is called and am looking forward to it .
    My main reason for getting in touch is a friend from those days , that i haven’t seen in 40 years , has posted on your page here . . .is there any way i can get his email from you . I am talking of Robin Marshall . .i am thinking if he doesn’t get email alerts my reply to his comments will go unnoticed . Thanks , Paul Fraser .

  2. Brian Ireland says:

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Thanks for our observations. We’ve learned of many unhappy, tough, demeaning or seedy experiences on the trail. One of the things we hope to do is demonstrate many different experiences. It’s remarkable, for example, how many people returned home ill, some gravely so. We’ve also learned how dangerous the trail could be for women, especially those travelling alone or in small groups. Your title is probably a better fit for what we’re trying to do, although the current working title does at least give a sense of why many set out o the trail even if their experiences didn’t match up to their hopes. It’s still a working title and I expect MUP will have a big say in that before it’s finalised.

    I can’t give you Robin Marshall’s email address but I’d be happy to email him on your behalf to let him know you want to make contact. Hope that works out for you. Helping people reconnect with eachother is good karma!

    Thanks again, Brian.

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