Ain’t Going to Goa by Alabama Three

This song has been around for a while but it has only just been brought to my attention. It’s an anti-hippie song which reflects a more conservative approach to the 1960s, to spirituality etc. Posted here for info only.

I believe I’m gonna
Shut down my chakras, shift Shiva offa my shelf
Take down my tie dyes, my Tibetan bells
Cool down my karma with a can of O.P.T.
Ain’t no call for Casteneda in my frontline library.

There’s one thing I know, Lord above,
I ain’t gonna go,
I ain’t goin’ to Goa, Ain’t goin’ to Goa now
Ain’t goin’ to Goa, Ain’t gonna Goa now.

Ain’t dancin’ trance, no thanx, no chance to tranquilize me.
Ain’t sippin’ no smart bar drinks, you, that don’t satisfy me.
Dosing up my dharma, with a drop of gasoline,
I ain’t down with Mr. McKenna, tantric mantra talkin’ don’t move me.

I don’t need no freaky, deeky, fractal geometry, crystal silicon chip.
I ain’t walking on lay lines, reading no High Times put me on another bad trip.
Timothy Leary, just check out this theory,
He sold acid for the F.B.I.
Well, he ain’t no website wonder, the guru just went under,
You can keep your California Sunshine.

‘Cause the righteous truth is, there ain’t nothing worse than
Some fool lying on some Third World beach wearing
Spandex, psychedelic trousers, smoking damn dope
Pretending he gettin’ consciousness expansion. I want
Consciousness expansion, I go to my local tabernacle
An’ I sing with the brothers and sisters

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3 Responses to Ain’t Going to Goa by Alabama Three

  1. paul fraser says:

    Hi Brian , if you have only just discovered Alabama 3 , who have been in existence for 20 years , you may not be aware they can be a bit “tongue in cheek” . . . . this quote is from their official website . . . . . Alabama 3 is a pop band, a punk rock, blues and country techno situationist crypto-Marxist-Leninist electro band. We never went on X Factor or Pop Idol or Stooge Quest. We did it the old fashioned way; Back in 1996, we threw a big old party, invited all our friends. We took a fistfull of blotters and half a dozen disco biscuits and then made it up as we went along. Geffen records bought it..! for a million dollars! We never needed a self-appointed quango of jaded vampires to tell us how to sing the blues…we got MOJO. We have the power to raise the dead.

    • bireland says:

      For me, music ended about 1994! I prefer listening to older stuff with an occasional “new” band thrown in like Alter Bridge, Black Star Riders or Muse. I only know about Alabama 3 because one of my students brought them to my attention about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the link Paul.

  2. BRIAN IRELAND says:

    By coincidence Alabama 3 are playing in Cardiff soon. It’s a small world (but I wouldn’t want to carpet it, as the saying goes…)

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