Sharif and Brian at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Gareth Wilson (SOAS) invited us to speak about the hippie trail at an event at the V&A Museum, London on 27 Nov 2016. We were honoured to be on a panel with Tony Wheeler, Rory MacLean and Alan Edwards.

Tony Wheeler spoke about his experiences on the Hippie Trail in 1972, which led him to produce the Lonely Planet travel books.

Rory MacLean wrote about the trail in his excellent book Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail From Istanbul to India (2006 Viking).

Alan Edwards  related his experiences of the Hippie Trail, which he travelled as a 16 year old.

Sharif Gemie spoke about music, photographs and memoirs of the trail.

Brian Ireland addressed why cinematic depictions of the trail failed to capture the full range of traveller experiences.

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